September 8, 2009

The Hold Steady + The Felice Brothers = a positively good time

The Hold Steady

The Felice Brothers

When in a rut, you must rock. That is the conclusion I came to last weekend, when I decided at the last minute to try to make the latter half of the Positive Jam Festival in Ithaca, NY, to catch The Felice Brothers and The Hold Steady - two bands I'd been hearing on regular rotation on favorite radio shows and stations, but had yet to see in person. Sitting in the pit, camera on my hip taking in both acts with virginal ears and eyes proved the perfect antidote for some end of summer blues.
To see the gallery of images from both performances, click HERE.

1 comment:

Owen said...

Have said before, will say again, you get to have too much fun... wish I knew where to find the key to the room where one can have as much fun as you are clearly having... Color me green; which is better than being blue I think...

Tell me, have you ever seen and/or photographed Joe Bonamassa ? Just discovered his music very recently, wow, he is great !