May 28, 2010

Multimedia Musings

Photo by Matt Ford

Not quite ready to let go of my still photography past, I have no choice but to embrace photojournalism's bright, HD future. Last week I attended a Multimedia Immersion workshop at Syracuse University's S.I. Newhouse School.
This hilarious parody kicked things off, but was no buffer for the extremely large learning curve ahead. Shooting video on a Canon 5D Mark II for the first time was surprisingly pleasant, but felt a little bit like cheating - I've been with Nikon for about twelve years now.
This 360° interactive photo of workshop students and coaches is fascinating.
My final project from the workshop,"The Community Barber", was not all I'd hoped it would be. In the eternal words of Dylan, there's no success like failure. I made mistakes, learned from them and will never make them again. I'll do better next time, Ma, I swear.

The Community Barber from Heather Ainsworth on Vimeo.

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Beth M said...

Great job with the vid, Heather...especially if it was your first time with the 5dmk2. I'm impressed. Looking forward to your next video effort :) (Are you gonna make the switch to Canon?)