June 17, 2009

Blues Traveler

Hard to believe it's been seventeen years since my first Blues Traveler show. Yes, I'm that old. Since then, I've managed to catch them several times, and have always had a memorable time. This particular performance, held at the Matt Brewery, home of famed Saranac beer was no exception. Great night.
To see a complete gallery of images from the show, click HERE.


Blake said...

So you're at least 17. Nice gallery!

Owen said...

Ah shucks, Blake beat me to it, was going to say about the same... well, given the absolute mastery and stunning beauty of your photos, I'd venture to guess you may be more like 25, a few years of art school and a couple years of photographic experience... :-D
All kidding aside, jeepers, I hope you are submitting your work to Rolling Stone ??? They'd be crazy not to sign you as a staff photog... Well, in any case, I am happy to have found your work, and hope you are having an excellent time doing what you're doing, it sure as hell looks like it...