June 20, 2009

Girl From The North Country

Sights like this take my breath away. I would D.I.E. to do a story about the beautiful and interesting Amish community that reside in neighboring North Country towns. Sigh. After inquiring about that possibility and being flatly denied, I insisted the family take my card in the event they should change their mind.
Do the Amish even use phones? I sure hope so.

Standing or driving amongst several dozen windmills just north of Lowville, NY, you can't help but become hypnotized and transfixed on these massive, whirring energy machines. This wasn't my first time near them, so it surprised me how obsessed with them I became. Kind of a Close Encounters moment.


Owen said...

Hey Heather, thanks for stopping by my place the other day, and your kind words !

Hope the Amish people will let you come back to report some day. I lived in Lancaster PA for a year, right in the middle of Pennsylvania "Dutch" country, and remember clearly how wary they can be of outsiders. Can't wait to see what's on the Summer music program for you... no doubt plenty ! Keep those beautiful photos coming !

seanjonesfoto said...

As usual, beautiful work, Heather... I too find myself mezmerized by these windmills... :)