January 1, 2011

Freewheelin' Returns!

As I wipe the virtual dust off of my poor, neglected blog, I offer a sincere apology and fairly lame excuse as to what took so long. The simple truth is, I've been too busy to blog. Just after my last post six long months ago, the assignments continued to come in just as I'd hoped. Professionally speaking, it's been one of the best times of my life. My freewheelin' fantasies have started to come true...

Nation in a Nation for the AP

I spent a day on the Onondaga Indian reservation just south of Syracuse, N.Y., in the wake of the lacrosse passport story. We wanted to show what life was like on this reservation where it's people consider themselves a 'nation within a nation'.
To see a complete gallery of images from this assignment HERE

JETS TRAINING CAMP for The New York Times

Who the heck would have guessed I would be on the sidelines as the Jets trained for their season in sleepy, Cortland, N.Y.? This was my second assignment for The Times, and I was a little nervous to say the least. Given a very long laundry list of players to shoot, I ended up with a handful of keepers.
Click HERE to see a complete gallery of photos.

The Sufis in Sidney, N.Y., for The AP

Perhaps one of my favorite assignments of all time - visiting the Sufi Dergah and telling the story of this Muslim sect in relation to the small town where it is located was thrilling on so many levels - journalistically, photographically and culturally. It all started with THIS story. The Dergah has compiled a page full of story links as well.
Click HERE to view a complete gallery.

Joe Biden at Fort Drum for The AP

Click HERE to see more photos.

Army Spc. Blair Thompson's funeral on the Fourth of July for The AP

Certainly, there is nothing favorable about shooting a soldiers funeral. But it becomes particularly poignant when it falls on the most patriotic day of the year - the Fourth of July.
Click HERE to see more photos.

Upstate New York Politics for the AP, New York Times & Congressman Hanna

I loved traveling all over the state this past election season to cover various politicians as they campaigned, were endorsed by bigger political giants, or were the decided victor or loser. Always fun and interesting to have a front row seat to this pivotal democratic process.
Click HERE to see a more complete gallery.

Documenting live music continued to be a photographic mainstay. A new post will be added detailing my favorites from the past year. Check back for that.

Same goes for weddings and events.

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