February 17, 2011

Recent Portraits

I love portrait assignments because they allow me to meet and spend time with people I'd never meet otherwise. That's basically why I love photojournalism in general. Also, it's a wonderful aesthetic exercise where I get to paint my masterpiece with the right light, composition and a willing subject. These subjects were very agreeable, despite their esteemed titles, which made them all the more impressive.

Both for the New York Times:

New York State Judge and attorney, Thomas Klonick, photographed at his Fairport, N.Y., offices. A tough, dry subject such as law was definitely a challenge, but I don't think this was an opportunity to go crazy.

At the end of the day, the Times went with this one:

To see the link to the story, click HERE.

Last month, I was assigned to shoot a portrait of Daryl J. Bem, professor emeritus at Cornell, who claimed that ESP was in fact, real. How do you illustrate ESP, or extrasensory perception in a photograph? I tried several approaches, and God bless Daryl's heart, he was game for anything.

This was what was published:

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